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Life Outside the Box #2 – Rhett Butler

– Carl Bidleman

Rhett Butler is my new hero. No, not THAT Rhett Butler. The Rhett Butler who publishes MONGABAY.COM, the comprehensive environmental science website. Rhett is a one-man operation. 100-hour work weeks have yielded an enormously valuable resource about the state of the environment with specially formatted sections for kids that have been translated into more than 30 different languages. He now generates enough traffic to make his travels, research and website self-sustaining. I’m in awe. To be able to make a difference and make a living is something many of us aspire to.

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As a world traveler, Rhett has his favorite places and in this video episode of Life Outside the Box, he shares his love (and some of his photos) of Madagascar and, closer to home, Big Basin State Park where he goes when it’s time to log off and live. And he tells the story of how he got his name, too. Enjoy.

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