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Merlin Mann – Life Outside the Box #12

– Carl Bidleman

Spending too much time in the office and at the computer was the very reason we started Life Outside the Box. And all too often, that problem persists. Last week, Doug and Stefan Ruenzel met up with Merlin Mann for an interview at San Francisco’s Stern Grove. Once again, I couldn’t get away from the office.  And it’s too bad because I was looking forward to meeting Merlin. He is the editor and main force behind 43 Folders, a family of websites about “stuff like personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better.” Stuff I really need to know. He is also That Phone Guy, a very funny rebirth of Bob Newhart’s “buttoned down mind.” I am a big fan of Merlin’s work and I hope to learn enough from 43 Folders that I’ll be able to get outside the box the next time he connects with OpenRoad.TV.

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3 Responses to “Merlin Mann – Life Outside the Box #12”

  1. Judy McAdoo Says:

    What a great piece. I have driven by the entrance to Stern Grove as long as I can remember but have never ventured to step inside. Now I know what a lovely place it is and hope to visit one day soon. Thank you for this! Merlin too seems like a really nice person and it was great to watch this interview. Thanks again.

  2. Merlin Mann Presents FlockdUp, One of the Worst Websites Ever | Laughing Squid Says:

    [...] of Merlin Mann, he’s featured on the latest episode of OpenRoad.tv’s “Life Outside the Box”, where he talks to Doug McConnell about one of his favorite places in San Francisco, Stern [...]

  3. john-san francisco , sfc ca Says:

    cool post my first time here and i like the way you write ! bookmark it !:)

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