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Doug’s Conversation with Marty Griffin

2 Responses to “Doug’s Conversation with Marty Griffin”

  1. Alex Genadinik Says:

    Hi Doug,

    I was trying to find your contact info and I couldn’t so I thought I’d write here :) ….

    I did enjoy the video with the interview so it can count as a valid comment :)

    I run HikingSanFrancisco.com and I was wondering whether you’d like to exchange blogroll mentions? :)


  2. edith merritt-driver Says:

    Hi Doug My friend and I had the EXTREME PLEASURE of speaking with Dr Griffin the other night and I was blown away by his knowledge as a physician in charge of the Sonoma Development Center and and environmentalist. I am going to try to contact him and thank him for all his work on environmental issues in an area I lived in for a few years but love very deeply!

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