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Default The John Muir Trail

It runs 211 miles and goes from the Happy Isles trailhead in Yosemite Valley, south to the summit of Mt. Whitney. For a lot of the Half Dome hike, you are on the John Muir Trail . Building the trail took from 1915 until 1938. It was started just after John Muir’s death in 1914. For 160 miles it is part of the Pacific Crest Trail. En route it passes through Devils Postpile National Monument, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Park. If you are considering it, plan on a summer hike and a very strenous one. You’ll be above 8,000 ft and have to go over 6 passes - all above 11,000 ft. Of course the ending is no picinc, with Mt Whitney being 14,500 ft. (You can also hike the northerly route.) Going south allows you acclimate prior to ascending Mt. Whitney. Plan on getting a ride home from Lone Pine. A trip will consume about 3 weeks depending on your pace. The ultimate record was a run taking just 3 days, 20 hours. Bears are all along the route and canisters are required. Permits are required and many people have supplies shipped to civilization along the way. A guided trip with a seasoned backcountry company is worth the money. Need more info? Go to the Pacific Crest Trail Association’s website.
Anyone out there done it??
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