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Default did 190 miles in 68

Well, I'll just start off by saying hello to everyone here @ OpenRoad.TV as I just joined in though I've been browsing around here pretty much since it's beginning. August 19, 1968 will live forever in my mind as a 19 yr.old just out of basic training (USAF), I along with a good friend (about to go Army and Viet Nam) and his 17 yr. old cousin left Happy Isles for what was to be a hike of a lifetime! In 68, you checked in with the Ranger, got your fire permit, and you were off. Boy, was the adrenalin pumping! I had been dreaming of this moment and hike since the 7th grade. We spent our first night at the top of Nevada Falls. Here we made a slight deviation from the JMT, I only had 15 days leave, so we went over Tuolumne Pass down past Evelyn Lake and picked up the Muir in Lyell Canyon. Day five brought us into Red's Meadow where we had a re-supply for the reminder of the trip. Starting in Yosemite and going south allowed us to acclimate easier since the early passes are lower in elevation. Good thing we were all young and athletic, as we under estimated the physical hardship a hike of this nature would take on us. But we persevered on, not suffering any injuries, not even blisters, and really got into the "flow" and rhythm of wandering in the Range of Light! Every day was special, and every turn of the trail brought new scenes and vistas. Some other highlights include making Donohue Pass and seeing Mt. Lyell with it's glacier, passing Thousand Island Lake, showering at Red's and getting a fresh meal, climbing Bear Ridge, surviving the long dry spell from Sally Keys down to the south fork of the San Joaquin. Making the 21 miles from Evolution Lake, over Muir Pass and into a camp of Boy Scouts @ Deer Meadow in Le Conte Canyon around 8:00pm. So much more could be said, but I'll finish with the hike out over kearsarge Pass, and getting back to March AFB. I must say it was nice to do the trail when so few (compared to today) were doing it. No trail quota's, no camping restrictions, no bear cannisters required, no firewood restrictions. We met some wonderful people along the way, even passed a father/daughter team who were running the trail (odd we thought). Will be 40 years come August since that trip and I'm still hoping to finish those last 30 or so miles to complete the trail. I did climb Whitney back in 70, but came up via the Portal. Well that's my story of the JMT, lets see some more.
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