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Default Memories of the Muir!

Thanks, Jim:
and yes, it was all by memory. That trip on the JMT has pretty much stayed with me all these years, as it had quite an impact on me. As I said, back in 68 you could go pretty much all day and you might only see four or five other hiker's, especially as you got further away from the lateral trails! So you really felt like it was all your own! Of course there were spots where you would run into a few more! Like the Thousand Island and Shadow Lake areas, and Evolution Valley. One group we did encounter was from the Sierra Madre Mountain Rescue unit doing some training. They came upon our "sparse" camp in Lyell Canyon. I'll never forget their "looks and snicker's" after they eyed our low-tech equipment (tube-tent,Sears canvas backpacks,construction boots), and we told them we were going all the way! That was great. Of course they were outfitted to the hilt with the latest Eddie Bauer gear. It was quite a contrast to say the least. The only other group we encountered was a scout troop from Van Nuys camped in Deer Meadow in Le Conte Canyon. As for photos from the trip, I'll try to post some of the better ones.
I did check out Reelman's Kings Canyon trip. I've had plans to do that very hike, especially into State Lakes to fish them and the surrounding waters!


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