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Default JMT 1968 Images

Well, finally decided on a few of the better ones from the hike. Image quality is lacking due to my lack of photo/camera skills back then. I wish I'd of known then, what I know now.

As for location of the images:
1. start of the JMT @ Happy Isles, Yosemite. Me, a young 19!
2.along the trail, deep in Little Yosemite Valley.
3.descending Tuolumne Pass to Evelyn Lake.
4. possibly descending from Virginia Lake.
5.entering Rose-Marie Meadow.
6.Ranger's flag and McClure Meadow.
7.west from near Muir Pass.
8.upper Palisades Lake and Palisades crest from Mather Pass.
9.on the Kearsarge lateral looking back to Bullfrog Lake and Mt. Brewer.
10.near Kearsarge Pass back to thunder storm.
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