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Old 06-30-2008, 07:22 AM
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Default No where to put stuff in the outdoors!

As the summer is coming up, I admit Iíll probably be outside constantlyÖ when Iím not working, of course! My car pretty much gives it away, is the funny thing. Iíve got a cooler (lol), a blanket and towels, my boogie board and beach chairs, and a few other random things. Iíve got a tin Beatles box and a Foldtuk container, too! I guess Iím ready for any adventure, and I think the summer is going to be great considering the number of concerts approaching, too. Oh, the Foldtuk is a collapsible cookware/bakeware container that Iíll be able to bring leftovers on the road and then collapse it for easy storage. This is what it looks like.. www.foldtuk.com... Geeeez, I sure need the extra spaceÖ hahaha!! Hope you all enjoy the fresh air before it gets too hot!
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