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Old 08-20-2008, 07:29 PM
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Default Want to share a charter flight (& bring the dogs)?

I'm looking for someone to share a charter flight from southern California back to the Northeast over the winter holidays this year.

My husband and I travel with our 45lb dog, who is really our baby. We don't board her (long story - I'll tell you on the plane!) and although we've flown a dozen times with her cross country, we've had enough of the anxiety and hassle of flying commercial with our dog.

I'm planning to make some offers on "empty leg" flights going back east around the holidays. Usually, the jets can accommodate 7-9 people, total. My husband and I plan to offer about $4,000 for each way ($8k round trip) - this is to charter the entire plane, and is subject to acceptance by a chater company of course. Obviously, I would LOVE to share the cost of this flight with you (and your canine companions - who would travel IN the cabin of course!).

I know this isn't cheap, but if you're like we are and really want or need to travel with your dog, you know that the commercial airlines are not a great alternative. Please feel fre to send me a messge.
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