Lake Mead and Nevada's Desert



Many rivers in the American west , for better or worse, have been dammed for power generation, water diversion and flood control. Canyons have been drowned and large lakes have been formed, none larger than Lake Mead which was created when Hoover Dam plugged the ancient flow of

the Colorado River. The lake now stretches far beyond the dam into the rugged desert landscape along the Nevada and Arizona border very near Las Vegas. Lake Mead is now a National Recreation Area and a starkly beautiful place to visit. In our video, we mention the possibility of renting houseboats to travel into the far reaches of the lake. I've never done that and hope someday I can. If you've explored the lake, please send us your stories. We'd like to know what you found. Of course, if you have photos and/or video to share, that would be terrific. If you've entered the lake from the other direction by rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, we'd love to know more about that, too. But if you don't get out on the water itself, the landscape around is colorful and wild and easily accessible. Just a few miles from downtown Las Vegas, this is the real Nevada, a great state to visit.


Before heading out on Lake Mead, be sure to get all the information you need from the National Park Service. Allan O’Neill is no longer the Superintendent of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, but he remains very involved in land conservation issues in the Las Vegas region as the Executive Director of the Outside Las Vegas Foundation. Parenthetically, his identical twin brother, Brian, has been the Superintendent of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in and around San Francisco for many years. They’ve followed similar career paths and they’ve served the public well for a long time.


Wander the shores of the largest lake in the nation created by human hands.
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