High Road to Taos



The central plaza in the community of Taos was established back in 1790.  Like Santa Fe there are many layers of history here.  I've always enjoyed visiting Taos but getting here is at lease half the fun.  My favorite route from Santa Fe is called the High Road.  It's ever-sifting scenery is punctuated by timeless villages.

For all of us heaven's light has always shone on northern New Mexico.


We are sad to report that Pedro Ribera-Ortega passed away January 7, 2003.

   posted by : Bill Buchanan on 1/24/2008 at 07:21 PM
Doug: I just finished "Blood and Thunder" by Hampton Sides: a must-read for anyone interested in the development of the West, especially around Santa Fe and Taos. Drawn from journals and archived material, this authoritative narrative about Carson's life rolls on like a novel. The "Blood and Thunder" tabloids puffed him up into a frontier superman, yet the truth is he was an interesting mix of fearless warrior, statesman, and loving husband and father. I'll see Taos country through that historical prism next time. Bill Buchanan

An inriguing road trip through New Mexico's landscape, culture and heritage.
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