San Francisco's 49 Mile Drive Part 1



When we think of the Open Road, it's easy to imagine a thin ribbon of asphalt winding across a rural landscape. We sometimes forget that the Open Road leads into the centers of our biggest cities too. One of the most intriguing road trips in northern California starts, ends and never leaves the limited confines of San Francisco. It's known as the 49 Mile Scenic Drive

and was created in the 1930s to entice tourists into the city. Although its trademark signs can be seen all along its route, few people I know have followed it from beginning to end. I hadn't either until just recently and it was an eye-opening reminder of just how diverse and beautiful San Francisco really is. It's the sort of journey that you can take in pieces or all at once. You can do it in a few hours or over a few months. But I urge you to get started and, if possible, take your time. You may never reach the end. Naturally, that's ok, too. Or you can start at the end and go the other way. No one's keeping score. Along the Open Road, no one ever is.

Since we shot our story, Laurel Rosen has married (congratulations Laurel!) and is now Laurel Rosenhall covering the education beat for the Sacramento Bee. San Francisco’s Japantown celebrated its centennial in 2006 and my family has become increasingly addicted to the terrific food in some of its wonderful stores. And I’m pleased to report that Papa Gianni and Caffe Trieste are still going strong. The schedules for Trieste’s Saturday concerts and Thursday night concerts for young performers are posted online on its music and events pages. And now Caffe Trieste has five Bay Area locations including North Beach, downtown San Francisco, south of Market in San Francisco, Berkeley and Sausalito. By the way, the members of the South End Rowing Club and the Dolphin Club are still heating up the Bay. We’ll post a more complete story one of these days about these two San Francisco landmarks.


San Francisco's 49 Mile Drive part 1

San Francisco, California

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   posted by : Red on 9/4/2007 at 03:23 PM
I take every out of town guest on at least part of the 49 Mile Drive. And I'm always reminded what great, non-touristy places are included along the way.

   posted by : jameskeylim on 8/19/2007 at 05:31 PM
My wife and I have always said that if there is one thing we would suggest for anyone (local or visitor) to do in San Francisco it would be to take the 49-mile scenic drive! It's truly a must do.

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