The Castro in High Heels



San Francisco’s Castro District is a genuine neighborhood in ways other urban enclaves frequently are not. It has its own theater, many locally-owned shops, restaurants and bars and an actual variety store. Cliffs Variety has served the Castro for generations, and has always

reflected the neighborhood’s changing character. That’s why at Cliff’s these days, in the largely gay and frequently flamboyant Castro, you can buy everything from tools to tiaras. Now that’s variety, which is truly the spice of life in the Castro. The Castro is always a lot of fun to visit, especially in the company of someone who cares about its long struggles, celebrates its successes and can give voice to stories that should not be forgotten and lessons that still need to be learned. When that voice has the great legs and the good humor of Donna Sachet, you’re in for a terrific time.


The only significant change in our story of the Castro District, is that Nancy Boy Bath Shop has moved from Market Street to 347 Hayes Street in San Francisco. In our story, we did not cover the wonderful Castro Theater. It is a classy movie palace with great offerings all the time.

Donna is as busy as ever with radio and television appearances as well as an on line column. You can find out more about her at


Explore and celebrate one of San Francisco’s most famous and colorful neighborhoods, the Castro District, in the elegant company of an Empress of the City.
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