Highway 395: Scenic Eastern Sierra


I’ve never had a bad day on or anywhere near Highway 395. For several hundred miles it traces the dramatic eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, dives down into the deepest valley in North America and passes roadways and trailheads that lead to all kinds of natural and historic wonders. The videos we’ve posted here represent only a fraction of the landmarks along or near Highway 395. We’ll add more as time goes by and hope you do, too. These include, to name but a precious few, the June Lake loop, Mammoth Lakes, the Devil’s Postpile, the Japanese Internment Camp at Manzanar, the highest peak in the lower forty- eight states, and not too far away the lowest and hottest place in North America. It’s a must-drive highway and I can hardly wait to get back.


The road and the land aren’t moving anywhere and neither is Andrea Lawrence. She’s an amazing woman and we’ll post another story with Andrea in and around her Mammoth Lakes home some day soon. In the meantime, just note that among her many achievements, Andrea was the first American skier to win a couple of gold medals in Olympic competition, and she lit the flame to begin the 1960 Winter Games in Squaw Valley. Over the many years since, Andrea’s worked hard to protect her cherished Sierra Nevada and we are all beneficiaries of her efforts.


Take a ride along one of the most scenic roadways in America. It passes by the deepest, the highest and the oldest superlatives in California.
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