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I’ve always enjoyed trying adventure sports of all kinds. I’m not usually very good at any of them, and I’ve got my share of qualms about heights and speed. But if I follow the lead of knowledgeable guides, I always have an exciting time and gain a sense of accomplishment in the process. Doing television for many years has given me the excuse to test all sorts of personal phobias, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, racing fast cars

around impossible curves, plunging face-first off sheer cliffs, surging through big river rapids, scuba-diving with schools of toothy sharks …. that sort of thing. I’ve done many adventure specials and series and I’m always looking for something new. As you’ll see in the video, stuntman Rich Hopkins took me around his Las Vegas playground to try street luging, indoor skydiving and bungee jumping. I enjoyed all three “events” in our Vegas triathlon and they were all less hazardous, I’m sure, than driving the car to, from and between them. Rich knows his stuff and I was absolutely safe, even though my heart was in my throat when I bungeed for the very first time. It was a short but fabulous flight above the famous Strip. I liked the view above the casinos better than in them. My chances of success were far greater strapped to a flexible rope than they would have been at the mercy of a deck of cards.


Las Vegas and its far-flung surrounds remain perfect for all kinds of adventurous activities. We show a fair number of them, but remember there’s snow and water skiing, serious hiking and back country journeys to name just a few of the other options. Go now, go in every season, and give us your tips.


Luge, leap and soar into some of the great adventures Las Vegas has to offer.
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