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When it comes to gambling, I’m not much of a risk taker. I’ve got no self-confidence, no skill and no empirical evidence that my bets ever pay off. So I never think of Las Vegas in particular, or Nevada in general, as a gambler’s paradise. They do that there? What would I know? When I spend

time in and around Las Vegas I spend virtually no money in its casinos. I’m beneath a low-roller. My Vegas risk-taking adventures don’t involve high stakes, but do sometimes involve high speeds and high places. The bodily risks I’m willing to take all strike me as far less dangerous and much more exhilarating than some of the other thrills Las Vegas has to offer. Some of this physical thrill- seeking I enjoy can be found right in town and some of it requires a little drive. I like heading north a bit and east into the magnificent canyon lands of southern Utah and northern Arizona for adventures in the heart of nature. Zion , Bryce , the Grand Canyon and all the other parks and preserves just beyond Las Vegas constitute one of America’s finest and most scenic playgrounds, more colorful even than the bright lights of the city.


The surrounding terrain of Las Vegas is as enticing and as accessible as ever. Enjoy the city, but get out into the real Nevada, too, and send us your reports.


Las Vegas inspires risk-takers and a sense of adventure on the Strip and far beyond.
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Bryce Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon
Zion National Park

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