Chinatown San Francisco Walking Tour with Chef Martin Yan


When my now grown-up son, Nicolas, was a very little kid, we’d get up early on Saturday mornings to watch “Mr. Rogers” and “Sesame Street.” Then Nicolas always wanted to stick around for one more show. It was called “Yan Can Cook,” and Nicolas couldn’t get enough of Martin Yan’s engaging and infectious personality. Nic knew nothing about cooking, of course, but he did know a great entertainer when he saw one.

It’s no wonder that Martin Yan has fans of all ages and from all over the world. I’m one of them, and it’s been a huge amount of fun to get to know Martin over the years and have him show me around places like Chinatown. He’s a walking encyclopedia and rolodex [for those of you who remember what they were]. He knows virtually everything and everyone, and he knows where to find and how to create great food. On top of all that, Martin is also very funny and very fast. He’s always on the move and tough to keep up with. But it’s worth the effort and I urge you to follow his endeavors and catch him on television and in person whenever you can. In the meantime, I also urge you to explore the streets and alleys of Chinatown. It’s a fascinating, authentic and absolutely delicious neighborhood.


All is well is with Martin Yan and we look forward to our next excursion with him. We’ll also post a story soon that we shot with him along famous Clement Street in San Francisco. Go to Martin Yan’s website to find out more about his plans, projects and products. Meanwhile, if you want to visit the Great China Herb Company, Gourmet Delight BBQ and the New Asia Restaurant, just note that they are daytime only establishments. However, Brandy Ho’s Hunan Food stays open in the evenings.


   posted by : Carla on 4/14/2007 at 07:03 PM
Great tour of Chinatown! I live in SF, and have often turned to the Chinese herbalists for cures for my bronchitis. I have NO idea what the ingredients are for my special brew, but it works a lot better than antibiotics and I know it's better for me. But Doug, I didn't get any cicadas in my prescription!

Wander San Francisco's Chinatown and work up a big appetite with famed chef and fabulous guide Martin Yan. Martin knows everyone and everyone knows him.
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Great China Herb Company: 415-982-2195

Gourmet Delight BBQ: 415-392-3288

New Asia Restaurant: 415-391-6666

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