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The stunning natural virtues of Zion National Park are so near yet a world away from the seductive urban attractions of Las Vegas. It’s hard to imagine a greater contrast. Many years ago, I spent a glorious week cross-country skiing beside the Virgin River and exploring Zion’s high

country in the winter. I had the Park almost entirely to myself. When I left to drive west to California, I pretty soon rolled into Las Vegas and almost rolled off the road. I felt like a visitor from another planet. From the quiet of Zion into the cacophony of Las Vegas, my system was in complete shock. I advise stopping a time or two between Zion and Vegas. It’s a little like needing to decompress when heading back to the surface after a deep scuba dive. Zion is getting busier all the time as more of us discover the Park and more people move into southwestern Utah, but the essence of the Park remains unchanged. Our video tries but can’t entirely capture the immense, yet intimate beauty of its cliffs and canyons. Gary Ladd’s photographs come closer to the mark, but Zion calls for you to bring your own eyes and senses to the task. You won’t be disappointed in any season.


Zion remains forever beautiful, but is more crowded than before. Fortunately, the Zion Canyon Shuttle runs from April through October and relieves congestion and pollution by eliminating automobiles along the narrow canyon road. Meanwhile, Gary Ladd continues his wonderful photographic work in the Southwest. He’s published several books and I encourage you to pick them up. The most recent I saw was an excellent publication featuring his photographs of the Grand Canyon. For me, looking at his pictures was the next best thing to being there. Gary also supports important efforts to protect the landscape he knows so well. We salute and support him.


See one of nature's most exquisite masterpieces, Zion National Park in Utah, through the lens of one of its finest and most devoted photographers.
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