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According to legend, lore and probably fact, mountain biking was born on the slopes of hills where I live, in Marin County, California. Much of Marin has been protected as public open space (see our related stories,) and so its ruffled terrain and many dirt roads have been perfect for those who

love to get off pavement and ride. But have bike, will travel, and mountain biking has spread around the globe over the past couple of decades. No place has become more renowned as an off-road biking haven than Moab, Utah, and for good reason. Moab’s high-desert topography is terrific and its scale is immense. It’s a must-stop, must-explore neighborhood for riders of all levels of skill. Learn from those in the know, follow their guidance, don’t trash the landscape in search of selfish thrills, and then go enjoy it. I’ll be envious, but I’ll be back.

Kristen Peterson is still the co-owner of Rim Tours , and she’s terrific and patient with the largely unskilled. She offers new sunrise downhill tours and pedal-paddle adventures along with all her traditional journeys. Sounds great. I’m packing my bag.


   posted by : Danville Mike on 2/21/2008 at 06:40 PM
I was fortunate enough to stay with friends in Moab a few years back (though I road a horse, not a bike), and the scenery is fantastically beautiful. Thanks to Open Road for this video, and I highly recommend a visit to Moab!

Slick rocks, knobby tires and miles to ride have put Moab on the global adventure map.
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