Apple Hill Fruit, Wine and Families

Apple Hill Fruit, Wine and Families

Apple Hill - You may not find gold in the Gold Country, but if you’re looking for fine wine, sumptuous fruit and family traditions you’ll strike it rich on Apple Hill.

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  Barbary Coast Trail

Barbary Coast TrailTake a guided walking tour along San Francisco's Barbary Coast Trail from Market St. through Chinatown to a hill above Fisherman's Wharf and a view of the Golden Gate.
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  Bay Area's Best Burritos

Bay Area's Best BurritosExpert tips on finding the best burritos in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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  Bay Area's Indian Traditions

Bay Area's Indian TraditionsTravel to India in search of religion, food, music and dance and never leave the Bay Area.
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  Berkeley's Urban Pathways

Berkeley's Urban PathwaysWalk up Berkeley's most famous rock and down its most poetic street, venture into an outdoor gallery of weathered art by the Bay and visit Brazil along the way.
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  California Avocado Festival

Every year at the beginning of September, Carpenteria, California boasts a fun filled festival for those who love the green.. avocados, of course! This year I had the pleasure of visiting the 2007 Av...

Submitted by Jess H.
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Carmel by the Sea - When the sun sets in Carmel-By-The-Sea it doesn’t go unnoticed. People put their lives on hold for awhile, stroll down to the ocean—just a few blocks away from the center of town—and take time to obse...

Submitted by betsyhusband
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  Chief Drive-In's Burger Supreme

If you’re headed up Highway 101 from the San Francisco Bay Area in search of the redwood country, you are likely to find yourself in a little twist in the road called Laytonville. Pull off the road for a memorable burger at the Chief Drive-In, 44400 Highway 101 just south of town.

Submitted by jaygordon
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  Chinatown San Francisco Walking Tour with Chef Martin Yan

Chinatown San Francisco Walking Tour with Chef Martin YanWander San Francisco's Chinatown and work up a big appetite with famed chef and fabulous guide Martin Yan. Martin knows everyone and everyone knows him.
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  City of Walnut Creek--Diablo Valley

“If you build it, they will come”….remember this from the movie Field of Dreams? The same could be said of Walnut Creek, a lovely community just 24 miles east of San Francisco. Located at the intersec...

Submitted by yosemitejudy
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