About Yosemite National Park

About Yosemite National ParkHere's a quick look at some of Yosemite's many attributes. It's a short introduction to one of America's most deservedly famous landmarks.
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  Alabama Hills Movie History

Alabama Hills Movie HistorySee some of the most famous rocks in movie-making history. Thanks to hundreds of movies and TV shows, you’ll likely recognize it even if you’ve never been to California.
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  Amazon Animal Orphanage

The Amazon Animal Orphanage in Iquitos, Peru, was "discovered" in 2004 by my brother during a visit to South America. Through the years, we've grown fond of these exotic creatures through upda...

Submitted by Dianne
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  Beyond the Strip: Red Rock Canyon

Saying you’re going to Las Vegas to go hiking is like claiming to read Playboy for the good stories. However, Vegas is more than just “The Strip,” and we went to hike. The last time I was in Las Vega...

Submitted by betsyhusband
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  Big Sur's Land Trust Legacy

Big Sur's Land Trust LegacyExplore the dramatic landscape protected forever by the Big Sur Land Trust.
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  Big Sur's Molera State Park

Big Sur's Molera State ParkSee one of many state park gems along the Big Sur coast. For very personal reasons, it’s my favorite.
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  Big Sur's Roadside Jewels

Big Sur's Roadside JewelsTake a short drive down spectacular Big Sur, past fabled parks, an historic home and California condors defying extinction.
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  Black Diamond Mines

Black Diamond MinesBlack Diamond Mines - See the historic Appalachia of northern California, and find out that miners carved more than gold out of them ‘thar hills.
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  Bodie and the Wild West

Bodie and the Wild WestBodie was once reputed to be the baddest burg in the Wild West. Now it survives in what’s called, arrested decay, as a ghost from a rough and bygone age.
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  Breaking The Ice in Little Norway

After a 25-hour ride southbound from Juneau about the Alaska Marine Highway's ferry "Taku", we pulled into the "Norwegian" port of Petersburg right on time at 6:15 pm and were shuttled to our apt...

Submitted by Open Road Maniac
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