Amador's Gold Country Nuggets

Amador's Gold Country NuggetsSee the fabled Mother Lode from the inside out and from deep underground, and discover fine wines and a devotion to the past on the hills nearby.
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  America's Northernmost Road, Part 1

America's Northernmost Road, Part 1The Dalton Highway is the only road in the United States that goes to the Arctic Ocean.
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  America's Northernmost Road, Part 2

America's Northernmost Road, Part 2The Dalton Highway journey is long and difficult but worth the reward of eventually reaching the Artic Sea.
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  Bents' Old Fort

The Mountain Men, who probably numbered fewer than a thousand all told and whose era lasted hardly more than a generation, were the source of more folklore, legend and real history than almost any c...

Submitted by awerdenty
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  Big Sur's Roadside Jewels

Big Sur's Roadside JewelsTake a short drive down spectacular Big Sur, past fabled parks, an historic home and California condors defying extinction.
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  Cal Redwoods Samuel P. Taylor St Park

In metropolitan areas throughout the world there are islands of calm amongst the traffic and hustle and bustle of a fast paced life. The Bay Area is no exception. But we do have something that is uniq...

Submitted by yosemitejudy
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Carmel by the Sea - When the sun sets in Carmel-By-The-Sea it doesn’t go unnoticed. People put their lives on hold for awhile, stroll down to the ocean—just a few blocks away from the center of town—and take time to obse...

Submitted by betsyhusband
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  Death Valley Fun and Adventures

Death Valley National is not just a big desert! Join us for a fun adventure where we play with the environment while exploring the gems of this incredible destination.

Submitted by Conleyproductions
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  Death Valley Journey

A casual drive through Death Valley National Park will enchant you. But to really see it, leave your car and head into the canyons, climb the dunes; hear your feet crunch as you walk on layers of salt...

Submitted by betsyhusband
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  Desert Appeal

Before air conditioning in cars, driving across the desert was miserable during the summer. It was hard to imagine that anything could survive in such a desolate wasteland. The desert experience to...

Submitted by betsyhusband
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