A Day in Paradise—Paradise Beach Park

Maps….I love maps! Maps can introduce you to a whole world just waiting to be explored. Don’t get me wrong, I do use Mapquest and my GPS unit when I have a solid destination in mind. But here it was a...

Submitted by yosemitejudy
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  Alaska's Glacier Bay & Whale Display

Alaska's Glacier Bay & Whale DisplayNo place in North America is more grand, more awe inspiring or more captivating than Alaska...
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  Alaska's McNeil River Bears

Alaska's McNeil River BearsWatch our lottery-winning trip to the McNeil River Sanctuary. We got "zoo close" to big Alaskan brown bears with no barriers between us!
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  Big Sur's Roadside Jewels

Big Sur's Roadside JewelsTake a short drive down spectacular Big Sur, past fabled parks, an historic home and California condors defying extinction.
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  Breaking The Ice in Little Norway

After a 25-hour ride southbound from Juneau about the Alaska Marine Highway's ferry "Taku", we pulled into the "Norwegian" port of Petersburg right on time at 6:15 pm and were shuttled to our apt...

Submitted by Open Road Maniac
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  California's Lost Coast Discovered

California's Lost Coast DiscoveredExplore the wildest and most rugged stretch of California’s grand shoreline. No wonder they call it the “Lost Coast.”
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  Carmel and Big Sur Diving

Carmel and Big Sur DivingSee wild wonders by scuba diving the Carmel and Big Sur Coast.
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  Colorado River Rafting

Colorado River RaftingColorado River Rafting video - Float the fabled Colorado River where the eagles are bald, the water is white and the history stretches back towards the beginning of time.
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  Dances with Orcas

At noon on the third day of our 70-mile circumnavigation of the San Juan Islands, our group of six kayakers left a lagoon on Matia Island and set a course for Doe Bay on the east shore of Orca Island, thirteen miles away.

Submitted by Bill Buchanan
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  Denali National Park Alaska

Denali National Park Alaska

Denali National Park is a glaciated wonderland of wild landscapes and wildlife. And it's home to North America's highest peak, 20,320 foot Mt. McKinley.

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