Amador's Gold Country Nuggets

Amador's Gold Country NuggetsSee the fabled Mother Lode from the inside out and from deep underground, and discover fine wines and a devotion to the past on the hills nearby.
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  Apple Hill Fruit, Wine and Families

Apple Hill Fruit, Wine and Families

Apple Hill - You may not find gold in the Gold Country, but if you’re looking for fine wine, sumptuous fruit and family traditions you’ll strike it rich on Apple Hill.

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  Armstrong Redwoods Russian River

Armstrong Redwoods & the Russian River Valley Tranquil, serene, and rejuvenating—it sounds like something out of a day spa brochure, but it’s even better. This experience is free! Armstrong Redwood...

Submitted by yosemitejudy
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  California Girl Goes East

California Girl Goes East---Then West Again… New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country (Ok…this doesn’t qualify as Western travel, but Doug encouraged me to share this with all of you) Eleven glacia...

Submitted by yosemitejudy
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  Dog Friendly Food and Wine in Napa Valley

Dog Friendly Food and Wine in Napa ValleyFind a winery, a restaurant and a geyser people and dogs just love.
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  Glen Ellen's Heart and Wine

Glen Ellen's Heart and WineFamed writer and adventurer Jack London made this his home here one hundred years ago. Meet some others who’ve followed his lead.
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  Lake County Wineries

I was an avid watcher of Bay Area Backroads and sorry to see the show go away. I wanted to share with you a little know fact about Lake County. Lake County is producing some of the best wines from wel...

Submitted by miovino
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  Modoc's Oregon Trail

Modoc's Oregon TrailSee the deep ruts left by thousands of wagons heading west a long time ago, and toast the end of the journey.
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  Napa Valley Wineries

Napa Valley WineriesDiscover some of the hidden wineries in and around Napa Valley.
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  Napa Wineries

Napa WineriesSee caves carved by nineteenth century Chinese laborers and the haunting remains of California’s first wine country. Ghost wineries are very much alive in the valley and hills of Napa.
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